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You Are Why We're here
& Families
We understand the complex financial situations across multiple disciplines that require comprehensive, integrated, and objective advice.
Businesses & Associations
No matter if you are a small or mid-size organization, foundation, endowment or association, we provide the expertise you need to manage your assets confidently.
Retirement Plan Admin
Our team helps you solidify a comfortable tomorrow for you, your business and employees with retirement plan administration that helps conquer the complex.
Who We Are

We are an independent, CPA-based, group of financial advisors, financial planners and accounting and tax professionals that recognize our clients’ needs extend far beyond the confines of traditional tax preparation, financial planning and investment management. We believe that proactive and open communication between your tax and financial professionals is critical to helping you achieve your long term financial goals. Clear communication between your professional partners is the only way to help ensure your tax, estate and investment planning needs are aligned with your objectives. Working together, we examine our clients’ entire financial picture. We use a tailored approach for every indiviudal and organization to help you redefine your financial future so you can grow confidently.

How Do We Do That?

We connect comprehensive financial planning with a tax efficient, research driven approach to investing, focused on improving our clients’ financial well being and helping them keep more of what they have saved for the long term. We are fiduciaries for our clients. We’ll outline your financial options and explain how each will or won’t help you achieve your goals so you can make decisions with clarity and confidence. We work exceptionally hard to make sure you’re glad you hired us.

What We Don't Do

We don’t sell insurance. Insurance is an important part of your financial safeguards and we are happy to discuss your needs and refer you to some of our industry partners. We focus on financial planning and management, not insurance. We don’t have a favorite mutual fund firm who will pay us a fee for placing your money with them. We don’t invest your money without a comprehensive plan that you will understand, believe in and can follow. We don’t give generic advice based upon boilerplate and rule of thumb solutions. We don’t try to be everything to everyone. And we will never suggest you invest in anything we wouldn’t recommend for our own parents or kids.


YHB Wealth Advisors is a limited liability company formed in the State of Virginia. YHB Wealth was founded in December 2017 as a fee-only investment advisory firm with the intent to provide exceptional service to individuals, families, trusts, businesses, charitable foundations and institutions. YHB Wealth is a subsidiary of Yount, Hyde & Barbour, P.C., a leading Virginia based accounting and consulting firm established in 1947.

YHB Wealth and its Advisors are required to act in the best interest of the client when providing investment advisory services. YHB Wealth believes that to provide proper investment advice and wealth management services to clients, it is important that we understand a client’s financial condition, risk profile, investment goals, tax situation, liquidity constraints – and develop a complete picture of a client’s financial situation. To aid in this understanding, YHB Wealth offers clients comprehensive financial planning services. Once YHB Wealth understands a client’s needs and goals, the investment process can begin. YHB Wealth will then recommend strategies and investments that it believes are aligned with the clients’ goals and risk profiles.

Community Commitment
Successful Communities
At YHB we realize that our success depends on the success of the communities we work in, live in and share. We’re committed to their — and your — well-being. Because we live in them, too, we share your concern for our collective prosperity and quality of life. So we treat everyone like a friend and neighbor, not just a client, and place a priority on giving back to the communities we serve.
Our Network is Your Network
Our extensive network of contacts at banks, law firms, and businesses throughout our service area enables us to connect you to the expertise you need to achieve your objectives, as well as to leaders in business and government who can be of benefit to you as advisors, vendors or even customers.
We view community service as a way to help charitable organizations better fulfill their missions — and thereby make our communities better places to live for all of us. That’s why we encourage firm members to get involved in community organizations — and why you’ll find YHB staff sitting next to you on the boards of local organizations or working with you as volunteers for fundraisers and good causes.
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