The Sunday Night Blues Can Attack Retirees Too

The Sunday Night Blues Can Attack Retirees Too

Retirement brings a change in lifestyle and can be difficult if not planned

Sunday night blues are not exclusive to workers. Retirees have them, too, because of the overwhelming free time during the weekdays. Finding things that keep you active and happy is the key to an enjoyable retirement.

I was fortunate to begin my career working in New York City. To secure a job after graduation was not easy, and I was thrilled to be a young professional in the city. I won’t lie. I envisioned a life as fabulous as sit-com protagonist Mary Tyler Moore’s, with a fashionable apartment and a fun-filled life.

But life is nothing like a TV show. As the reality set in (and the long commute on the Long Island Railroad began), I had difficulty adjusting to the grown-up world. Where was the freedom of strolling around campus and staying out late into the night? Where were all the benefits of earning an income? And why did I feel so out of my element?

The Sunday Night Blues

Every Sunday, thinking about the work week to come, I got a twinge in my stomach. Learning how to overcome the feeling of dread took me a long time. The cause of my Sunday blues was not necessarily the job itself, but the change in lifestyle.

Change is difficult and even more so when your expectations don’t line-up with the reality. A change as big as retirement can be really tough when it turns out your post-work life is not what you expected.


Before you retired, you were occupied 40 hours a week. Now all the empty hours become stressful and depressing. And Sundays can be just as difficult. After a weekend spending time with family and friends with many activities to keep you busy, here comes the weekdays that you need to fill.

Questions to Ask Yourself Every Sunday

Studies show that those who manage their free time have a better chance to enjoy a happier retirement. So let’s have a plan set for your week on Sundays to get rid of the blues. Ask yourself the following questions:

What challenges do you line up for the week? Take some time to list out what you hope to accomplish this week. There is never a shortage of hobbies and interests to pursue.

Are you looking forward to engaging with different people? Your work friends are the people you spent the most time with before retirement. Now it’s time to make some new friends. Expand your social circle by going out, signing up for new activities.

Keeping the Sunday blues at bay is crucial during all phases of your life, including retirement. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.